What is diabetes?

Diabetes is one of the most common diseases of today. Enormous numbers of people around the world every day learned that they have that disease. Diabetes is a disorder of metabolism; the disorder of the insulin hormone, which for certain types of diabetes, is injected in low amounts or is injected, depending on the type.

Types of diabetes:

Because of its prevalence and the large number of diabetes patients today have several forms:

  1. diabetic children (from 0 to 14 years)
  2. juvenile diabetes (15 to 24 years)
  3. adult-onset diabetes (25 to 64 years)
  4. The so-called. “Nursing” Diabetes (from 65 to the end of life)

Diabetes type 1 (insulin dependence)

insulin-113200_1280Type 1 is the most severe form of diabetes. It occurs because the cells in the pancreas (beta cells) produce it in a very small quantity. It may be that they do not produce insulin. It can occur at any age. In the majority of cases are children and young people. Insulin is applied from the first day, self-control; diet and physical activity are a mandatory part of the therapy. This particular type of diabetes requires attention and calmness. A large factor in the occurrence of diabetes is unhealthy food that is more and more marketed and stress as well. Stress is now a big part of everyone’s life.

Complications with type 1

Complications of type 1 are very serious and therefore it is recommended to control well this type. Type 1 also can lead to other diseases, such as liver disease, kidney disease, amputation of a leg, elevated blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.

Type 2

Type 2 is the most common form of diabetes. It is known around the world. Whole around the world “candy’s” struggle with this evil disease. The pancreas of people with type 2 produces insulin but not in sufficient quantity. It may be that the organism is created resistance (immunity) to the hormone insulin.


herbal-tea-1410563_1280It occurs in all ages, but mostly in adults (over 50 years), obese persons. The modern way of life and daily tempo are very conducive to the development of this type of diabetes, as well as unhealthy food which we eat in our everyday’s life. The therapy is combined – only diet or diet and oral ant diabetics (drugs in tablets). Medicinal teas as an adjuvant, in all cases with moderate physical activity, can help a lot in this type, but not in type 1. If this therapy does not show favorable results, apply to insulin therapy, with the possibility of inclusion and oral ant diabetics; this means if not controlled properly, the mixing of type 1 and 2.

Diabetes in pregnancy

belly-1434852_640This latent form of diabetes is initiated in pregnancy. During pregnancy, there is a change in the hormonal balance of women, which can lead to disturbances in insulin secretion, and consequently, increased levels of glucose in the blood. Those at risk are women older than 25 years who were obese before pregnancy. Usually, stabilizes blood sugar after birth, but there are cases when it is not stabilized. However, women who catch the disease from diabetes during pregnancy may be subject to later development of type 2 diabetes.