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Understanding the Nature of Menstruation Cycle


The author has been reading previous posts on this topic for many years, including this year. However, this is one of the most accepted, most replicated assumptions in our society, as we must consume our food. This will be discussed in later articles and will be related to this particular topic. You can visit https://www.aaeps.fr/amour-pendant-ses-regles/ for more information.


The plan of this society “is to destroy free will so that when students leave school, they will not be able during their years to behave or believe differently than their teachers would have wanted them to. Diet, injections, and vaccinations will work together from an early age to build the kind of character and beliefs that the authorities thought they wanted.” In his book, Dr. Herbert Blackschleger says, “In the age of so-called independence, more people are living in physical captivity, drugged and lobotomized than ever before.” Nightly broadcasts are like birth control. Professional boxers are instructed by their coaches to not have sex during training and sparring. It annoys them and depletes their reserves.


Role of Education

Education is a risky mistake; schools are not there to teach but to domesticate. We continue to believe the media hype. If it is natural, why are commodities in the market begging for their money to block it? It is claimed that there was a time from ancient times when puberty was unknown in women. When it occurred, it was considered a disease that required isolation. Among primitive peoples, menstruation is still considered a disease today. Women are isolated in a distinctive building to recover during this period. Why does modern society have this disease? We have the doctor all over the body. The simple fact of the matter is that a doctor has no curative powers as far as healing the body is concerned. We believe the authorities that it is a natural fact.

Nocturnal Emission

With the study of nocturnal emissions in men, realizing that it is universal is unnatural and could be replaced by a reduced diet. Studies have shown that during the early years of World War, many girls suddenly stopped menstruating. It also happens when the food supply in Central Europe was quite limited. The entire population was also on a very low-protein diet, with almost no meat or other animal protein. Because the men were at the front and returned later, and after the war ended, puberty reappeared immediately in the women. The diet and sex life of these women had much to do with this circumstance.

Menstrual Cycles

Intimacy with a partner that causes sexual arousal increases menstrual fashion. Menstruation decreases female sex hormones, the source of a woman’s youth, beauty, and health. With chastity in play, the decrease in sex hormone is just as true as it is for the male. Sex hormone can be used for other greater accomplishments, such as creations, ideas, and mathematical marvels. On a minimal protein diet, the mind is light, thoughts are clear, vision and senses are greater. They regenerate the whole body along with decrease sex hormones for both types through voluntary or involuntary ejaculations.

Decrease of Sexual Hormones

The secret of female regeneration would be to avoid the decrease of female sex hormones using genital mucous discharges or bleeding. The Pythagoreans taught that there is a direct connection between sperm and the brain and that the diminution of sperm weakens the brain, although its preservation enriches the nourishment of the mind since the chemicals thus obtained act as nourishment for the mind. Advertisers are telling the health world that this is just what people need today. Some societies and cultures do not receive the disruptions of modern society.