Facts About Reusable Colostomy Bags


A colostomy is performed because of colon cancer, pelvic tumors, inflammatory bowel disease, an abscess, or bowel obstruction. The procedure may also be necessary to remove an intestine destroyed by an injury.

There is a colostomy support device that can be used by patients, such as colostomy bags. The disposable ostomy bags are available for trash when they are approximately three-quarters full, unlike empty backpacks. It can be utilized, emptied, and reused several times (some use them to obtain others) without the need for massive container changes. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of disposable ostomy bags:


disposableThey are great if you want to attend a party or a special occasion. You do not have to worry about using the whole bag outside, in a restaurant, or at a friend’s house. The small size fits perfectly with your wife’s bag or the inside pocket of a man’s jacket. Just take the used Pop-Up and another one in a few minutes. Yes, the other residents – your spouse or your children – may want to notice just a little smell, but they will know. Disposal is quick and easy once you’ve learned how to change the bag.

Disposable bags are much more proper for infants and young children. Sealed ostomy bags are convenient as soon as you demand to change your bag in a public bathroom or at a friend’s house. There is no chance of leakage or odor from this closed ostomy bag as it is completely sealed. It all depends on personal taste, and although I prefer deflated types, I have found that there have been several cases where I had no choice but to use a closed shovel.


They are more costly than reusable ostomy bags because they can only be used once. This means you will have more bags and invest more money each week. Since you can use a drainage bag for a few days before being discarded, you may need to use up to 5 bags per day. You will have to replace the bag because it is barely half full, unlike drainage bags that do not require to be emptied till three-quarters full.

It is impossible to pass gas quickly, as is possible with empty stomach bags. Closed bags are used by people who have fewer waste discharges. This makes it challenging to use them in ileostomies or urostomies, as their release is almost constant and much more fluid.