Symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


Many women and men are surprised that adultery can cause PTSD, but it is true. The damage from the discovery of infidelity can also cause unresolved issues from the past to mix with the current situation to exacerbate PTSD. It is critical that if you are struggling with PTSD, you should seek expert help. In sensing this mental disorder, you could see some symptoms. However, there are some solutions to overcome this condition. If you are curious about it, click here. Here are some signs you could see on a person who suffers from PTSD;

blaming herself


For many physically and psychologically damaged women and men, self-blame is quite common and a great indicator of PTSD. They could blame themselves for any reason. However, people with PTSD tend to feel sorry for themselves for many things. It could be something they have done or something they did to other people. This situation might become scarier when they grieve. They would like to think that couldn’t forgive themselves and don’t have some solutions for it. This way, you could assume that the person might suffer from PTSD.

Unstable Emotion

Guilt is a double-edged sword, but if there’s anyone to blame, it’s the one who couldn’t resist, the one who was weak to temptation, the one who lied to you, and what’s more. Those who struggle with PTSD struggle with unstable beliefs and disorientation. The resulting pain is so intense that they can no longer control their emotions. Because of the capacity for these feelings, our thoughts become overwhelmed, and the result is disorientation. In this case, you could see if the person has unstable emotions or not. You can evaluate their reactions toward something. Besides, they tend to switch their moods from one to another quickly.


For now, know that the broad emotions you are struggling with are natural. Putting it down, not keeping your cool, being angry about the lifestyle, and quite unhappy at the same time will only make the feelings worse. It would be different when dealing with negativity. People who had PTSD tend to think negatively about almost everything. It means that they let the negativity comes through themselves. Therefore, they won’t have a clear mind every time. This case could affect them to encounter depressed situations again and again.

Trust Issues

A good portion of women and men who try to understand PTSD from surviving adultery find that they have developed significant trust issues. When the person we love most, the one we have staked our dreams and desires on, the one we hope for above all else, betrays us, our place on the planet is deeply affected. Instead of believing in the best in people, we are left with the belief that we can finally trust ourselves and our emotions, and the evil we have. With time and help, you can learn that it is possible to trust people, that the man or woman who betrayed your trust can be worth it. Thus, the person should have PTSD for sure.


hopelessnessYou must know the nature of despair around PTSD. When we are depressed, we are simply unable to believe that life will get better. With time and treatment, the feeling of depression and hopelessness will dissipate. It could affect the person to experience the same mental condition again. Therefore, it is crucial to spend time with the people you love is a great way to deal with hopelessness. You may not believe it at first, but having people remind you that you will get through this and that life will go on is an essential part of the recovery process.